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Services Offered By Christian

at Serenity Farm

An extraordinarily gifted equine Olympic hopeful had gone sour. 


The horse broke down and would not do the work any longer. The owner, at a loss, was not able to fix it. A professional rider with a good reputation and over 35 years of International experience was hired. He carefully inspected the horse, from top to bottom, front to back, and rode it. He walked back to the horse's owner, looked them in the eye, sat down, and started talking. He asked to have free rein with the horse for one month. 


After the 4-week period, the horse's engine came to life again. It looked happy and willing to do the work, and his potential seemed evident again!

This trainer was me, Christian Garweg. 


When I presented the owner of the horse with a bill for it all …he complained about the various amounts ..

Itemized, it read :

Change the shoeing, consult the vet,  change the tack, change the feed, modify the workout intensity.


The owner says: that's a lot of changes that cost a lot of money ….

My answer: I spent 35 years learning how to do that in 30 days, yet my fee is only 10 % of the entire bill . 

If I am able to do a Job in 30 days, it's the experience of struggles, experiments, and years of overcoming challenges with success.

 I asked him to appreciate my life's work and my expertise - 

Aligning all the components and knowing how to put it all together creates the performance the horse is now capable of .


The man looked at me and thanked me - the horse went on to have a great career.


Join our team; I can help you and your horse too.

First and foremost, Christian considers himself a horseman.

Christian celebrates success in EVERY horse and rider, from the novice rider to the most accomplished athlete at the highest FEI Levels.

  • Trailer in lessons at Serenity Farm overnight and weekend opportunities available

  • Schooling at USDF Recognized horse shows

  • Off site clinics taught domestically and Internationally riding, in-hand work or both

  • Lectures on specific topics

  • Full Training to create a balanced rider and a balanced horse, this service provides:

    • Building a correct foundation for the horse using In hand work, long lining and double line lunge training. Saddle fitting, bit fitting, vetting and farrier consultations as needed and a feed schedule review.

    • Provide the tools for the owner to use successfully at home to continue progressing in building the correct foundation.   


To live dressage 
is to be consciously, daily pushing for success. It is the pursuit of perfection by receiving good advice and turning it into educated training.

To live dressage 
is to be aware that only constant learning will contribute to gaining long-term success. A seemingly endless journey starts once you begin working with a horse. Together you will be learning – as a team. It means investing time, passion, patience, and money. The work that is ahead must be tailored to each horse individually.

To live dressage 
is to develop an awareness of what’s best for everybody concerned and to be able to recognize the horse’s needs – every step of the way.


To be able to do all that makes a great trainer, allow me to be yours.


“Christian is a highly focused and effective coach with an incredible eye for the essential.”

Two things immediately stood out about Christian: 1) He took me seriously despite being an utter novice who couldn’t sit the trot. I’ve always felt that I am getting the same dedicated attention as those working at the FEI levels. 2) He is able to identify the most essential issues that produce maximum improvement for a given session. I learned to sit the trot properly within a year (and only a handful of lessons). Now I am showing at 3rd Level, and I look forward to further moving up the levels.”

Yvette Koth, California


“I have been riding with Christian for the last 13 years.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call them “easy” years because he is uncompromising in his demand for excellence, but I can say that he has taken me from Training Level to PSG and beyond.

He works hard to obtain a good outcome from each training session, and his approach to each student/horse is always tailored to the moment. There is never a “one size fits all” basis for the lesson. Always willing to work outside the box, he has an uncanny ability to devise a method to reach the overall goal of a properly trained, well-ridden horse.”

Monica Brett

Why do people come back to Christian Garweg?

He keeps them honest and invests in their future; he keeps a promise to achieve their goals. For 25 years, Christian stayed invested in my riding career.

Christian took all that when I was looking for a horse and used it to zero in on my perfect horse, small, feisty, with talent coming out of his ears. He looks at every horse with the horse’s potential in mind and the horse/rider combination's potential.

Christian knew that the feisty streak he recognized at 3 years old would not be a problem for me. We are a perfect match.

Shelly Johnson


Every horse and rider must be treated

as an individual

Their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses need to be recognized, and the training adjusted accordingly.

As a rider, trainer, and coach,

it is necessary to subordinate

one’s own ego to the cause

  • mutually respect one another

  • recognize that the horse dictates the speed of the training.

The whole team

surrounding the horse

Including a trainer who is sensitive to the needs of the horse / owner / rider / coach, educated barn staff, a first class vet, a passionate farrier and a goal-oriented sponsor – has to dedicate the effort to a common cause: the productive training of the horse. The road to success is a result of team work.

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