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Christian Garweg is a German-born,

International Competitor, Young Horse trainer, and USDF FEI dressage coach.


Horses trained by Christian Garweg Dressage have been sold globally and competed successfully at the highest levels for multiple countries.

I have successfully trained and competed nationally and internationally through Grand Prix and a Canadian Champion on several horses. As a competitive rider for almost 40 years, Christian has dedicated himself to continuous learning and refinement of training and coaching, employing a foundation learned from the
Masters of Dressage.


   "As a rider, trainer, and coach, it is necessary to subordinate one’s own ego to the cause."
                                                                         -Christian Garweg, FEI Competitor, Trainer, and Coach

"The "CORRECT" foundation creates a language which horse and rider use to communicate. That education creates the common ground to fall back on when things go wrong, and horse and rider don't understand each other."
stian Garweg, FEI Competitor, Trainer, and Coach

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